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meet the team.


Mario Lendvai

Creative Director / Graphics

Mario is a world leading illustrator and graphic artist. Starting off in the graphic news industry, Mario's style now crosses many boundaries. 


Navid Bahadori

Director  / Producer

Navid's blend of creativity and business mind sets him apart in the media landscape. Contracts in the morning, storyboarding by lunch.


Elena Arena


Elena’s extensive experience in media, broadcast and content creation gives her the ability to tackle
any project.

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Jonathan Martin

Content Manager

Jonathan’s ability to juggle roles from pre to post production make him an excellent collaborator across each stage of a project. A storyteller at heart with practical skills to get every edit from storyboard to final delivery.


Francesca Coad


As a kid Francesca dreamt of being a professional basketball player or an illustrator. She continues to draw while waiting for her call from the WNBA.


Ai Ikeda

Motion Designer

Ai Ikeda is a talented motion designer and karate expert!

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