meet the team.

Mario Lendvai

Co-Founder & Head of Graphics

Mario is a world leading illustrator and graphic artist. Starting off in the graphic news industry, Mario's style now crosses many boundaries. 

Navid Bahadori

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Navid's blend of creativity and business mind sets him apart in the media landscape. Contracts in the morning, storyboarding by lunch. 

Brendan Doyle

Co-Founder & Content Director

Brendan started sweeping the floors at the Australian National Broadcaster, and is now one the of the leading multi-platform directors in the world.

Vanessa St Pier

Motion Designer

Vanessa is an animation wizard, design oriented young gun who is rapidly becoming a leading force amongst her peers.

Richard Tamplenizza

Musician & Composer

Richie goes from playing large music festivals to writing subtle scores all in the one week. His music and sound design reflect who BY is.

Jonathan Martin

Content Manager

Jonathan has an eye for the edit, an ear for the story and a mind that is set in knowing where the audience is heading, now and a year from now. 

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